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New therapies and techniques are evolving all time from the streamlining of old tried and true therapies to techniques like Neuro Fascial Muscular Release. Neuro Fascial Muscular describes the connection  between nerves, fascia and muscles. These techniques have been evolving and growing in different directions for decades with some very gifted individuals fine turning them along the way. Non invasive, N.F.M.R. type techniques in Alan’s opinion are at the cutting edge of today’s soft tissue injury techniques. With less contra indications, it is safer to use on children and the elderly with acute or chronic muscular dysfunction.

The combination of these types of techniques using cross fibre rolling, with light digital pressure holding points on the meridian pathways and myofascial webbing can yield unbelievable results by unlocking muscle memory and helping the body realign. 
N.F.M.R. type techniques do not replace other soft tissue modalities, but it may supply the missing link to the therapist tool box.

Alan has been studying these types of reprogramming techniques for several years and it’s his belief, and the belief of other learned practitioners that muscle release techniques combined with other therapies, tailored to suit individual needs can create a better response and in some cases instantaneous results on muscular  skeletal dysfunction.

However, it must be stressed that individuals may vary in their recovery time. Muscular pain should be addressed early because severe pain is more difficult to treat, especially if over time the injury or injuries become chronic. These conditions may take longer to treat because of the compensating holding patterns that the body may put in place to help protect it from pain. Beneficial results can still be achieved by drawing on a broad spectrum of therapies and techniques within a flexible and individually tailored treatment.

Most people experience a better range of movement and a reduction in pain after one or two treatments and some people have experienced instantaneous relief.





Muscle Energy Technique Back Pain relief Arthritis
Bowen Therapy Lymphatic Increased Circulation Asthma
Emmet Technique Neck Toxin release Carpal Tunnel
Hot Stone Technique Shoulders Rehabilitation Constipation
Cranio Sacral Technique Spine Relaxation Fibromyalgia
Active Release Feet Stress release Frozen Shoulder
Lymthatic Drainage Hands Tension release Headaches
Technique Abdomin Increased range of motion Muscular Disorders
Full-body Diaphram Pain
Neuromuscular Therapy Head Sciatica
Remedial Hands   Stress
Traditional Arms   Tennis Elbow
Trigger Point Therapy Wrists   Whiplash
Myo Fascial Therapy      
Myopractic Techniques    





  • Neuro Fascial Muscle Release -
    A therapy or technique that recognises the connection between nerves fascia and muscles.


    • "For years no one was able to help, that was until Injury Management Therapy treated me. Now the dizziness has stopped, my tight jaw and headaches have gone."  Kathy White,Bellbird NSW
    • " Injury Management Therapy helped me to recover from an accident that caused a frozen shoulder" Denise Hodge, Cessnock NSW