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Some of our customers have written testimonials, we've included a couple of those click on a link below.

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"I am involved at management level in the wine industry in the Hunter Valley. As part of my role I am required to move at least 2 pallets of wine per week. This is strenuous work.
It is essential to my work position that I am physically able to manage cases of wine.
The therapy that I receive from Alan of Injury Management Therapy where he works with the pressure points and this combined with massage enables me to meet the needs of my position. Lifting the wine required and standing on my feet all day.
I had a motorcycle accident that triggered a frozen shoulder - the doctor told me it would take around 2 years to recover from the injury. With the therapy provided by Alan of Injury Management Therapy and the exercise regime he recommended my arm and shoulder recovered in six months.
I would be happy to recommend Alan and Injury Management Therapy to anyone who wants to work on an injury or who wants to remain in peak physical condition."

Denise Hodge.
Cessnock  N.S.W.


It must be stressed however that individuals may vary in their level of recovery and the time it takes. Muscular pain should be addressed early because severe pain is more difficult to treat, especially if over time the injury or injuries become chronic.





  • Neuro Fascial Muscle Release -
    A therapy or technique that recognises the connection between nerves fascia and muscles.


    • "For years no one was able to help, that was until Injury Management Therapy treated me. Now the dizziness has stopped, my tight jaw and headaches have gone."  Kathy White,Bellbird NSW
    • " Injury Management Therapy helped me to recover from an accident that caused a frozen shoulder" Denise Hodge, Cessnock NSW