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Injury Management Therapy offers a comprehensive range of therapy techniques with the aim of achieving the most effective treatment available. The use of alternative therapies can bring relief to those suffering from a nagging pain to an injury or a chronic problem.

Homeostasis [balance] is a key factor to health and wellness.
Physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual are the fibres of our being, they create the fabric of who we are.
Trauma, illness or injury may distort the fibres creating imbalances or holding patterns in the way our body functions.

These imbalances may cause a number of conditions from headaches to neck, shoulder, back and leg pain, constipation and digestive problem just to name a few.

Another factor that may influence balance in the body is posture
If we are constantly in one position with our weight forward, back, or
to one side for a prolonged period of time on a constant basis it will have an
accumulative effect on our muscular skeletal system.

I often say to my clients their body’s are like a car that needs a wheel alignment,
and just how tyres wear in one area so to will our bodies, if these dysfunctions are not address.

A balanced body may walk with less effort, sleep better, stand taller, stretch more easily, have more energy and body functions may work better.
Why is it so, you may ask?..... Because the body is not fighting against it self

When the body is in balanced its own healing system works more efficiently.

Most people experience a better range of movement and a reduction in pain after one or two treatments and some people have experienced instantaneous relief.

Conditions that can benefit from treatment

Back pain Neck pain
Sciatica Headaches & Migraines
Knee pain Shoulder problems
T.M.J. Jaw. problems Groin pain
Calf & Shin pain Circulation problems
Sporting injuries Respiratory problems
Ankle and foot problems Balance problems
Sinus problems Fibromyalgia
(Post) Stroke Pre-Menstrual Tension
Motor vehicle accidents injuries Hip & Upper Leg pain
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Stress & Tension





  • Neuro Fascial Muscle Release -
    A therapy or technique that recognises the connection between nerves fascia and muscles.


    • "For years no one was able to help, that was until Injury Management Therapy treated me. Now the dizziness has stopped, my tight jaw and headaches have gone."  Kathy White,Bellbird NSW
    • " Injury Management Therapy helped me to recover from an accident that caused a frozen shoulder" Denise Hodge, Cessnock NSW